What is a PopStar? Well in my opinion a PopStar is a special type of Rockstar to keep it brief. Popstars are the ones who use their talents and skills to impact cultures and populations around the world. Some examples of PopStars that influenced my work are people like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Prince, Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Swae Lee and Lil Uzi vert. There are more but these artists and influencers got their platform truey by being themselves and going against all adversity. Now most of them are looked at as Legends and many are trying to find ways to copy wave. This collection is titled PopStar because I wanted something that would appeal to all races and gender no matter the culture you were brought up in. So here’s some drip that anyone anywhere can wear and be FLY. #RRTOBER #RECKLESSROCKSTAR       

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